Why Fractured? Why Lace?

Have you ever noticed that when we talk about stories, we often speak in terms that we would otherwise use with textile-based handicrafts? We talk about spinning a yarn, about stringing words together – about weaving a tale and tying up loose ends. Thus, we have lace: a beautiful representation of a richly detailed story.

Then why fractured? For a start, it is a gorgeous word – but let’s delve beyond that. In university, I loved studying semiotics – the study of signs and symbology. It’s breaking down how we communicate to each other – sometimes without even realizing how we’re communicating. Now if you think about the way that people dress – about what they choose to adorn themselves with – every one of those things tells us something about them. People go to their closets, their drawers and their dressers; they pick and choose until they decide how they want to present themselves that day. Individually, those elements may be fractured and fragmented – but together, they give you an impression (whether true or not) of who that person is.

Together, we have Fractured Lace: crafted elements that help you tell your story.

Make a statement: Show your story.

Kat Johnston - the artist behind Fractured Lace

Fractured Lace designs whimsical, creative couture accessories and other fantastical products. It regularly produces limited edition and one-of-a-kind items, and is available for bespoke designs. But Fractured Lace does more than that: it tells stories.

Not in the traditional way; not by having pen set to paper with words and art alone – but by spinning glorious miniature worlds you can interact with and share with others every day. These aren’t just accessories: they’re a means of self-expression. And with them you can make a statement and shout from the rooftops: ‘This is me. And you know what? I am exceptional.’

Because you are. We all are. We’re incredible, complex, wonderful creatures who should be celebrated for our diversity; who should find joy in the things that make us different and unique.

Every object, every item, tells a story. Please – let Fractured Lace help you spin yours.

About the Artist

Kat Johnston - the artist behind Fractured LaceKat Johnston is a Brisbane-based artist, located in Queensland, Australia. She has a strong sense of whimsy, an appreciation for the ridiculous, and a love of the meticulous. She has an aspiration to make it as a professional story-teller by trade – though her presentation of those stories might be somewhat non-traditional.

In 2006 Kat graduated from a Bachelor of Creative Industries (visual arts) at the Queensland University of Technology. She has since gone on to complete a Graduate Certificate in Arts and Creative Industries Management at the same institution, and subsequently achieved a Master of Arts and Creative Industries Management in 2009. She has completed further vocational certification since.

During and following her academic studies, she kept up her personal practice, often combining techniques from both artistic and craft-based influences. Fractured Lace is her first real forray into bringing her craft-based practice to a wider audience. You can follow her other art on her Facebook page.