About Fractured Lace

Fractured Lace is the label of artist and designer, Kat Johnston. Kat has a strong sense of whimsy, an appreciation for the ridiculous, and a love of the meticulous. She has an aspiration to make it as a professional story-teller by trade – even if those stories are told through things like hats and brooches!

Accessories to her are a means of self-expression. She sees them as a way for people to make a statement, show personality, and shout from the rooftops: ‘This is me! And you know what? I am exceptional.’

Because you are. We all are! We should find joy in the things that make us different and unique.

That’s why Fractured Lace offers beautifully crafted millinery, jewelry and accessories, each individually made with an artist’s touch and attention to detail. Each piece has been designed to make a statement, show your story, and to celebrate the incredible person that is you.

What’s in a name?

Have you ever noticed that when we talk about stories, we often speak in terms that we would otherwise use with textile-based handicrafts? We talk about spinning a yarn, about stringing words together – about weaving a tale and tying up loose ends. Thus, we have lace: a beautiful representation of a richly detailed story.

Then why fractured? I loved studying semiotics – the study of signs and symbology. It’s breaking down how we communicate to each other – sometimes without even realizing how we’re communicating. If you think about each item someone chooses to wear, every one of those things tells us something about them. People go to their closets, their drawers and their dressers; they pick and choose until they decide how they want to present themselves that day. Individually, those elements may be fractured and fragmented – but together, they give you an impression (whether true or not) of who that person is.

Together, we have Fractured Lace: crafted elements that help you tell your story.