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Feeling Grimm: Snow White Pre-order

Pre-orders for the Snow White collection will open 8pm, August 23. It will consist of 9 beautifully crafted pieces, drawing inspiration from the original Grimm version of Snow White. Here is one translation, if you would like to read it in full!

Pre-orders will close Friday September 1, and completed orders will ship by late September. We’ll be sure to keep you informed every step of the way! Once pre-orders have shipped, the Snow White collection will join the Fractured Lace product range as general release items.

Preview the pieces below before placing your order Wednesday!

A ‘full set’ option will be available with a LIMITED secret brooch (bringing the full collection up to 10 pieces) to say thank you for supporting my creative endeavors.

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Punimal Mystery Boxes are coming!

I have one more surprise for you all before the big release tomorrow. Time-limited mystery boxes will also be available with exclusive colourways of selected punimal brooches! Do you like surprises?
The options will be:
  • Basic Mystery Box ($35) – includes an exclusive colourway of one punimal brooch, as well as an extra treat.
  • Deluxe Mystery Box ($60) – includes everything from the basic box, plus an exclusive recolour of another punimal!

The number of boxes ordered will dictate the number of exclusive colourway pieces produced. I decided on a time-limited option rather than a maximum number, so that everyone has a chance to order if they’d like to.

You’ll have until July 20th to order, and they’ll ship out on July 28th.

Please note: It is highly recommended that you purchase mystery boxes by themselves, or with items you don’t mind receiving at a later date, as all boxes will be shipped at the end of July. Any items purchased with the mystery box will be shipped in the same package, not separately.
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Did you guess ‘Crabapple’?

Fractured Lace Crabapple Teaser

For those of you who guessed ‘Crabapple’, you were absolutely correct! How cute is this little cutie going to be?

The acrylic is already cut and good to go. Therefore I just need to paint the finishing touches and glue them together! I hand craft each brooch with love. These ones are definitely no exception.

Crabapple will join the strawbunny, pandarin, avocato, pineappowl and jellyfish. I wonder what will come next?

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A new addition to the punimals range!

fractured lace punimals teaser

We’ve already revealed most of the new punimals range on Facebook and Instagram, but there’s one that’s still a mystery!

Originally, I was going to release the punimal brooches  this week. However a bout of sickness made that nigh on impossible. I gotta tell you – sleep deprivation and me do nooooot mix. Since I’ve had to delay the release just slightly, it’s given me a little more time to work on one more adorable food-animal pun-based hybrid!

Can you tell what this cheeky punimal will be? I can’t wait to release the new range on July 4th!