Bodice Lace Bow Brooch


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This brooch draws inspiration from the bodice laces used by the wicked queen to kill Snow White in the original Grimm version of the tale.

This piece is lovingly crafted from black acrylic, with engraved detailing. A sturdy brooch-back secures it to your clothing of choice.

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“I can let that honest woman in,” thought Snow-White, then unbolted the door and bought the pretty bodice lace.

“Child,” said the old woman, “how you look! Come, let me lace you up properly.”

The unsuspecting Snow-White stood before her and let her do up the new lace, but the old woman pulled so quickly and so hard that Snow-White could not breathe.

“You used to be the most beautiful one,” said the old woman, and hurried away.

Little Snow White, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

This brooch is an original design by Fractured Lace.

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