Evil Queen’s Comb Brooch


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This brooch draws inspiration from the poisoned comb used to kill Snow White in the original Grimm version of the classic fairy tale.

This piece is lovingly crafted from black acrylic and hand-detailed with a touch of silver. A sturdy brooch-back secures it to your clothing of choice.

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Then with the art of witchcraft, which she understood, she made a poisoned comb. Then she disguised herself, taking the form of a different old woman. Thus she went across the seven mountains to the seven dwarfs, knocked on the door, and called out, “Good wares for sale, for sale!”

Snow-White looked out and said, “Go on your way. I am not allowed to let anyone in.”

“You surely may take a look,” said the old woman, pulling out the poisoned comb and holding it up. The child liked it so much that she let herself be deceived, and she opened the door.

After they had agreed on the purchase, the old woman said, “Now let me comb your hair properly.”

She had barely stuck the comb into Snow-White’s hair when the poison took effect, and the girl fell down unconscious.

Little Snow White, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

This brooch is an original design by Fractured Lace.

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